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Welcome to our lovely new family member Em (or Emmy) who came to us in December 2009.  We send thanks to our friend Liz Molnar - rest assured that Emmy is loved and spoiled as much as all her other Alnclair Golden mates.

          Ch and Neuter Ch Dobro Diamond Magic   

5 January 2005 to 1 December 2018 

Sadly our beautiful girl left us quite suddenly just before her 14th birthday - never a problem, she will be greatly missed by all at Alnclair.     


 2014 - we take Emmy out in the Neuter classes and she easily gains her title as a Neuter Champion as well - winning multiple Best Neuter In Group wins, including a Best Neuter in Show under a Golden Retriever Breed Specialist. Ems will now relax on the lounges full time - good girl sweetheart.


BISS Champion Dobro Diamond Magic


Sire: BISS Champion Dobro Diamond Edge (AI) / Dam: Dobro Minthe

Hips: 1/3, Elbows 0/0, Clear Eyes 7 Oct '11,  Clear Heart

Specialty Best In Show Winner, Best In Group and Best In Show Class Wins

On her 3rd outing with me Emmy wins Best in Gundog Group - Armidale All Breeds Kennel Club - February 2010

NSW GRC May 2010 - Emmy with her "second handler" Wayne - see her tail wagging!

Emmy's record in the Neuter Champion Classes

Mid North Canine Coast Club Championship shows


9 August 2014 - Judge Mr G Whitfield - NZ

 Best Neuter in Group



10 August 2014 - Judge Mr C Graham - NZ

 Best Neuter in Group


Kempsey & Macleay Valley Kennel Club Championship shows


25 July 2014 - Judge Mrs B Hession - NSW 

 Best Neuter in Group


26 July 2014 - Judge Mrs E Knox - NSW 

 Best Neuter in Group



27 July 2014 - Judge Mr D Mahoney - NSW 

 Best Neuter in Group


Warners Bay Dog Sports Club Championship show


27 June 2014 - Judge Mrs H Morrison - Tas

   Best Neuter in Show  


Newcastle & Merewether Combined Canine Club Championship show


7 June 2014 - Judge Mrs M Webber - QLD

 Best Neuter in Group


Stroud Show Association Championship show


26 April 2014 - Judge Mr D Hunter - NSW 

 Best Neuter in Group



Wallamba Show Association Championship show


22 March 2014 - Judge Mrs J Bray - NSW 

   Best Neuter in Show  



Camden Haven Show Association Championship show


8 March 2014 - Judge Mr M Curk - NSW 

 Best Neuter in Group


Armidale All Breeds Kennel Club Championship shows


7 February 2014 - Judge Mrs B Thompson - NSW 

 Best Neuter in Group


8 February 2014 - Judge Mrs E Gunter - NSW 

 Best Neuter in Group



10 February 2014 - Judge Mr G Kill - QLD 

 Best Neuter in Group


Dorrigo & District Kennel Club Championship show


27 January 2014 - Judge Mr A Brown - QLD 

 Best Neuter in Group


Bonville & District Kennel Club Championship show


26 January 2014 - Judge Mrs S Bruno - QLD 

 Best Neuter in Group


  Some of Emmy's Championship show wins include:

8th Golden Retriever National Show - Queensland 


15-16 June 2011 - Ms Anni Malte-Rasmussen (Golden Joy Kennels - Denmark)

4th in Open Bitch Class

"Mature bitch, feminine head, soft expression, dark pigment, good neck, shoulder and topline, deep through the heart, strong bone, strong quarters, thick double coat, a little short, moves well."


The NSW Golden Retriever  Championship Show  - Sunday 1st May 2011

Judge Mr P Stevenson (Tweedwater Kennels - Tasmania)

5th in Open Bitch Class


The NSW Golden Retriever  Championship Show  - Sunday 7th September  2008

Judge Mr R Edwards (Lovehayne Kennels - UK)

Best In Show


* Photo By Paul Middleton

Critique - Mr R Edwards - "Lovehayne" - UK

     "Displayed the all important and essential balance and symmetry combined with a straight front and a level topline. Ribs well sprung with good heart and lung room. Well proportioned hindquarters with strong muscular condition and another one with a hard second thigh muscle, all these positive aspects of this quality bitch topped off with a sweet head and dark kind eye. No doubts as I awarded her the Challenge Certificate.

                                                                                   Wished she was mine!  Best in Show."




The NSW Golden Retriever  Championship Show  - Sunday 4th September 2005

Judge Mrs A Hagger "Fairfield" UK

 First Place Minor Puppy Bitch and Minor Puppy In Show ,

Winner of the Summertime Cup " Puppy of the Day"





Critique "I really fell for this lovely puppy. She had an elegant outline and oozed femininity, nicely shaped gentle head of good proportions and a lovely expression. Excellent reach of neck into correct shoulder and upper arm angulation,  straight front, complimentary rear angulation and a strong top line. Well shaped feet and good bone. Quite mature for her age but not finished. Moved really well. When she is older I am sure she will trouble the very best."

And she did!!


20th June 2008 - Australian National in Adelaide, South Australia

 Judge - Mrs M Sillence 'Canina' UK

Second Place Open Bitch Class

(from an entry of 33 bitches)

Critique  - 'Another lovely bitch, very well angulated front and rear. 

Deep short coupled body, moved very well in lovely coat and condition.'






                Emmy at 11 weeks of age    



Emmy - rock climbing and swimming.





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