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Australian Champion Alnclair Lils Angel

Australian Neuter Champion Alnclair Lils Angel

Angie is from our lovely Lily's first litter and hit the show ring in spectacular style winning first place in the 3-6 months baby sweepstakes at an All Breeds show the very day she turned 3 months old. Angie is a showy, pretty and biddable young girl who won multiple group and show class wins from day 1. 

  Angie started to win challenges at the age of 9 months old and was half-way to her title before 11 months old.  She won 96 points then had a massive "coat drop" in January 2015 so had to have a wee break from showing - LOL.
  10 May 2015 - Angie wins her qualifying CC to become an Australian Champion - WTG Angie.  I have had lots of fun with her.
When we decided in 2017 to stop breeding we had all of the girls spayed - Angie then went out showing in the neuter classes in 2018.


Date of Birth: 24 October 2013
Hip Score:  1:2 (3) Grade 0/A2 Elbow Score:  0:0
Heart:    Cardiologist             Clear - 19 March 2015 Eyes:     Clear

Latest exam by Vet Ophthalmologist on 8 Dec 2015 

DNA Collected by Vet Ophthalmologist on 17 Dec 2014

AHT results Certificates GR3991 and GRB3991

GR_PRA1 = Carrier                      GR_PRA2 = Clear

ICT-A DNA                               Clear - 11 Oct 2014



MBISS AUST CH Larbellah Team Leader Aust Ch Acacian Special Event Avonbreeze Mcleod ENG CH Paudell Easter Plantaganet at Kerrien
BISS AUST CH Giltedge Charlotte
Beaucroft Madonna AUST CH Longborne Barclay
AUST CH Beaucroft By Design
MBISS AUST CH Giltedge Angel Dust Aust Ch Standfast Dream Ticket from Kerrien (imp UK)  ENG SHOW CH Crowood Butch Cassidy
Darrochonna Tzarini of Standfast
Yellowfetch Pixie Dust CCD BISS AUST CH Giltedge Hemingway
 Yellowfetch Yippee
AUST CH Alnclair Lily of the Valley AUST CH Alnclair Anzac Edward  AUST CH Alnclair Gillys Hero BISS AUST CH Dobro Diamond Edge (ai)
Alnclair Lady Elizabeth
Alnclair Gabriela AUST CH Alnclair Rickys Revenge
Alnclair Mimi Rogers
AUST CH Alnclair Aiming High Alnclair A Bobbys Gun BISS AUST CH & ENG CH Stanroph Shogun
Alnclair Lady Elizabeth
BISS AUST GRAND CH Alnclair Maggie May AUST GRAND CH Deanchel Love Me Tender
AUST CH Taplar Dusky Gleam



Angie above as a puppy - well on the way to her title.



Angie below aged 3 as a mature girl.





What some of the Judges have said about our Angie:


In 2017 we decided to stop breeding so desexed the girls - Angie started to show in the neuter classes in February 2018.


Camden Haven A&H Society


20 October 2018   - Judge Mrs G Hovey-Jacobs - QLD


   Runner-Up Best Neuter in Group  


Manning River A&H Society


7 October 2018   - Judge Mrs N Lane - NSW


   Best Neuter in Group  


Newcastle & Merewether CC Championship shows


9 June 2018 AM show - Judge Mr K Lee - VIC

   Best of Breed Neuter 


9 June 2018  PM Show - Judge Mrs L Neimann - SA

   Best of Breed Neuter  


Clarence Dog Sports Championship shows


4 May 2018  - Judge Miss S Rose - NSW

   Best of Breed Neuter  


5 May 2018  - Judge Mrs V Schneider - QLD

   Runner-up Best  Neuter in SHOW 


6 May 2018  - Judge Mrs M Thomas - NSW

   Runner-up Best  Neuter in Group 


Dogs NSW Northern Region (Coastal) Championship shows


4 May 2018  - Judge Mr J Rowles - NSW

   Best of Breed Neuter  


5 May 2018  - Judge Mrs H Beasley - NSW

   Runner-up Best  Neuter in Group 


6 May 2018  - Judge Mr R Britten - NSW

   Best of Breed Neuter  


Nambucca River Ag Association Championship show


14 April 2018  - Judge Mrs S Gartner - NSW

   Runner-up Best  Neuter in Group 


Wingham Show Society Championship show


11 March 2018  - Judge Miss C Stuart - NSW

   Best  Neuter in Group 


Wallamba AH& I Society Championship show


3 March 2018  - Judge Ms S Lancaster - NSW

   Best  Neuter in Group 


Dorrigo and District A.B.K.C Inc Championship shows


24 February 2018 - AM show - Judge Mr J Camac - VIC

   Best of Breed Neuter


24 February 2018 - PM show - Judge Miss J Aspinall - VIC

   Best of Breed Neuter


Golden Retriever Club of NSW Inc Championship show
17 September 2017 - Mrs Marilynn Morphet - QLD (Golden Retriever Breed Specialist )

  2nd place in Australian Bred Bitch Class 

"Very typey compact Golden girl. Sound and well put together. Pleasing feminine head with lovely pigmentation. My preference would be for a little more length of neck. Short coupled. Level topline with sufficient angles front and rear. Moved soundly and presented in fit and trim condition."  

Golden Retriever Club of Queensland Inc Championship show
16 July 2017 - Mrs Heather Morss - UK (Xanthos)

  5th place in Australian Bred Bitch Class 

No Critique for this result.


Golden Retriever Club of Queensland Inc Open show
16 July 2017 - Ms Breanna Lancey- Qld

  3rd place in Australian Bred Bitch Class 

No critique for this result.


Golden Retriever Club of NSW Inc Championship show
6 September 2015 - Mrs Margaret Hean (Arangold - New Zealand)

  4th place in Intermediate Bitch Class

No Critique for this result.


Golden Retriever Club of Queensland Inc Championship show
14 July 2014 - Mr Tord Lundborg (Sweden)

 4th place in Minor Puppy Bitch class

No Critique for this result.



Golden Retriever Club of Queensland Inc Championship show
13 July 2014 - Mr Filip Johnsson (Dainty's Kennels - Sweden)

 3rd place in Minor Puppy Bitch class

 "Very similar to number 1 & 2, but slightly sloping croup and not in the best of coats."


Golden Retriever Club of NSW Inc Golden Anniversary Championship show
4 May 2014 - Mrs Liz Pope (Chilzer Kennels - UK)

  2nd place in Minor Puppy Bitch class

"Good head and soft expression with good pigment and eye shape, balanced angulation fore and aft, short coupled, not the topline of 1, but came into her own on the move."


Angie is pictured above aged 11weeks old at our local beach.







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