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We are very happy indeed with our achievements in the show rings over the years. However we are most proud of our ongoing involvement with the SEDA program. Early in 2006 SEDA approached us for a dog puppy who went on to become a very successful working dog.  In late 2007 SEDA then purchased two more girls from us who also have succeeded in the program.  To top it off SEDA now has two more dogs from our litter born June 2010, and have already "booked" three more bitches from future litters.  As we are only a small breeding kennel we are ecstatic to have so many of our dogs sought after for this wonderful service.

SEDA has no government funding and relies on community and corporate donations, so PLEASE check out

Here you can find out how to sponsor Aka and other puppies through their extensive training program which provides a very worthwhile service.  

Please note that all donations are tax deductible.


Aka (w. 13/2/2006) was the mascot for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia in Queensland in 2006.  He received much media exposure on TV, in papers and on the radio in Queensland as he helped to promote SEDA.  Aka graduated on 9th November 2007, and now lives a very important life with his vision-impaired owner.

Here is a shot of baby Aka in his working coat - isn't he one sweet boy?

Nina and Nelly (Aka's half sisters born 22/9/2007) are also part of SEDA.  Nina is a working seeing eye dog living with her own vision-impaired owner and Nelly is a public relations/ambassador dog for SEDA based in Ballarat Vic.

See cover girl Nelly in the Spring 2009 edition of "Vision Australia"

(Click the image below to see the magazine & photo)


See our latest SEDA recruits Dougal & Darwin as they start their training - notice the "L" plates.  Both boys are apparently going very well with their training.  Dougal in particular has been described as showing "spectacular" progress to date - and this before the boys are 3 months old!


See them below having a rest break during their training at SEDA in Melbourne.


And, finally, see them both sleeping and possibly dreaming of the great benefit they may be able to provide to their own vision-impaired person.

Update September 2012 - their dreams become reality as both boys pass and go to live with their vision impaired owner - such a great thrill for us as breeders. 

Dougal first then Darwin pictured below.


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