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Emmy and her babies - the first 24 hours of their lives - born late Monday 7th June 2010

Please note that we do NOT require or accept deposits from people for our puppies before they are born.  In fact we recommend STRONGLY that you do not do this.  I prefer to speak with people who are interested in our puppies and encourage you to see the puppies and meet the mother and our other dogs once the puppies are born. We currently have 8 Goldens aged from 2 to nearly 12 years old. Our puppies are born in our home and, at approximately 4 weeks of age, move outside to their own specific puppy house and self-contained yard.

See Bear (born 24 Feb 2012) and Stormy (born 22 April 2013) - bookends!


    See some lovely puppies born Feb 2012.   

Pictured below aged 1 day old - 3 girls & 5 boys.

Links to some videos from the litters born in June 2010.

Puppies playing together:




Lily and Poppy (the girls we kept) on their first day at the beach

Lily and Poppy theoretically starting some "house training"


See below: Aimee and her babies - the first 24 hours of their lives - born early Monday 14th June 2010

See below: Emmy's daughter Poppy and Aimee's daughter Lily chilling out beneath the BBQ table.  "Great-Aunty" Annie lying above them and "Great-great-grandmother" Maggie lying in front of them - August 2010.

See below: Jim (Eddie's brother) & Rosie (Marty, Nelly and Nina's sister) - what a hard life these two sweethearts have!

A typical Alnclair puppy at 8 weeks - "Dante"

Mardi & Hoagy - 5 weeks old - March 2003

A combined family of some puppies from Lizzie to Hero and from Maggie to Bobby - December 2004

5 of Gaby's and Bobby's puppies -  aged 6 weeks old in March 2006

Alnclair Sweet Bally -  aged 9 weeks old.  Bally has a great life in Victoria

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